Bit of a ramble

Wow it has been ages since I’ve written. I am so sorry. I guess I feel that everyday life does not hold many stories to tell? In the time that we’ve not had contact, my work days have increased to 3 days per week and I am allowed to travel for one overnight stop for … More Bit of a ramble


My mood is like a rollercoaster. One day I feel fine in the morning and then the afternoon is like a circus in my head and gut. Like yesterday. I felt on top of the world after being given another letter from the doctor, clearing me to work more hours, and then the afternoon the … More Healing


While my mood has not levelled out I do not feel as bad over the weekend as I did during the week. I think having the kids and Adam around helps my mood a bit. I can’t get away with laying in bed for long periods of time with them around, and they force me … More Mood