I feel a little elevated today. I am trying to reduce the amount that I smoke, and according to the nurse this morning this can impact the effectiveness of my medications. Great. Also I started the day with another big walk – 5.5kms – and ran one kilometre of that distance in my jeans and … More Elevation


I’m reading a great couple of books at the moment which I will review in due time. The first book is titled Sophie’s Boys which is a story about an Australian mum who lost her triplets and then lost her husband to cancer and her story about using running as a way to cope. The … More Resetting


Finally a day of reprise from the mania. A day similar to normalcy. We are grateful to our friend for taking the kids this afternoon so we could take a much needed break. Reconnect. Relax. It has been a rocky week. I had a hypo episode followed by an elevated day and in between this … More Reprisal

Another episode

Just when I thought I was in the clear, another episode struck yesterday afternoon. I realised that as I was dancing and singing in the corridors to pick up the kids from child care that things were not quite right in my brain. My brain felt like sparkles, like dancing elements trying to break free. … More Another episode